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Exporters, suppliers and manufacturer in India Mumbai of Capsule Hand Filling Machine. Our Capsule Hand Filling Machine 300 Holes which is easy to operate and has application in pharmaceutical industry. Precise design of these Capsule Hand Filling Machines gives accurate results with negligible rejection. These Capsule Hand Filling Machines require less maintenance and manufactured using sophisticated technology to ensure durability and high performance at client’s end.


Capsule Hand Filling Machines India Mumbai

Specification :

Our capsule hand filling machine is suitable for all classes of pharmaceutical manufacturers. It is very easy to operate with no deviation and negligible rejection. Fill loading tray with empty capsule. Place loading tray on top plate, operate cam handle to separate the cap and body of the capsule. Place powder tray in position, fill accurate quantity of powder dispenser. Operate lever to lock the cap and body of capsule. Remove loading tray and discharge the filled capsules.

  1. Function design for simplified operation giving precise result with negligible rejection.

  2. Muscular and easy movable.

  3. Excellent cost benefit ration.

  4. Easy availability of spares.

  5. Output: 60000 65000 capsule of any size of capsules per 8 hour shift with 300 holes capsules.

  6. Capsule Size : 00/0/1/2/3/4/5.



Capsule Hand Filling Machine India Mumbai

Specification :

All the outside body and hopper is fabricated in S.S. 304 quality.
Simple to operate, can be handled by semi skilled labour.

Output :

300 capsule in 30 seconds

Drive :

1/4 Hp. 3 phase motor, 1400 R.P.M.

Interchangeable parts can be supplied for std. Size of capsule : 00/0/1/2/3/4/5

Machine available with with 1/4 H.P. Motor with any one size Aluminum magazine plate, brass section, 'V block, pusher and aluminum guide plate with single phase motor

Net weight of machine aprox. 75 kg.



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